about JSMolSci

about JSMolSci

Greeting from the President

It has been over 10 years since the establishment of the Japan Society for Molecular Science (JSMS) in 2006. JSMS is now firmly established as an academic society thanks to the efforts of all its members. We believe that the good tradition of molecular science has been inherited by, and will be further developed within, this society to create the next generations of molecular scientists.

The most important activity of JSMS is our Annual Meeting. In this platform for our community over 1000 attendees participate, presenting their latest findings and exchanging information. This Meeting plays an important role in educating young scientists and graduate students through active and rigorous discussions. In addition, JSMS supports young researchers' activity, publishes electronic journals, and presents awards to senior and young researchers. Molecular Science E-mail News is used for sharing information among our members.

Internationalization of JSMS is progressing. Since science has no borders, internationalization is a natural and desired direction. Indeed, the number of non-Japanese participants in the Annual Meeting is increasing, and we initiated an international session at the Annual Meeting this year. We also continue to organize the Asian International Symposium with the Chemical Society of Japan.

Based on these ideas, we have made the following five policies for the seventh term:

· Aim for sustainable development with a free and vigorous scientific atmosphere based on the strong tradition of Molecular Science.
· Give priority to the success of the Annual Meeting.
· Continue current activities and make efforts to improve them.
· Maintain a healthy budget, not seeking unnecessarily to expand our activities.
· Promote internationalization in a natural way

Apart from fields such as elementary particle physics and nuclear physics, we can say that all fields of natural science are “science based on molecules”. In this sense, molecular science is of growing importance because it seeks to unravel molecular behaviors and mechanisms from first principles.

We appreciate your continued participation in this shared endeavor through the Society and your continued support for our activities.

September 1, 2018
Tahei Tahara,
The 7th President of Japan Society for Molecular Science

Board Members (2018-)

Vice President:
Takayuki EBATA (Hiroshima University)
Executive Directors:
Yasuhiro OHSHIMA (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Shinji SAITO (Institute for Molecular Science)
Akira TERASAKI (Kyushu University)
Toshio NAITO (Ehime University)
Tetsuya TAKETSUGU (Hokkaido University)
Manabu KIGUCHI (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Takayuki EBATA (Hiroshima University)
Yasuhiro OHSHIMA (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Ken ONDA (Kyushu University)
Hirofumi SATO (Kyoto University)
Toshiyuki TAKAYANAGI (Saitama University)
Koichi TSUKIYAMA (Tokyo University of Science)
Takakazu NAKABAYASHI (Tohoku University)
Jun-ya HASEGAWA (Hokkaido University)
Akiyoshi HISHIKAWA (Nagoya University)
Satoshi MAEDA (Hokkaido University)
Yasuhisa MIZUTANI (Osaka University)
Akihiro MORITA (Tohoku University)
Shoichi YAMAGUCHI (Saitama University)
Kazunari YOSHIZAWA (Kyushu University)
Yukio OUCHI (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Hirohiko KONO (Tohoku University)
Shinji SAITO (Institute for Molecular Science)
Yasuteru SHIGETA (Tsukuba University)
Toshinori SUZUKI (Kyoto University)
Tetsuya TAKETSUGU (Hokkaido University)
Masanori TACHIKAWA (Yokohama City University)
Tatsuya TSUKUDA (The University of Tokyo)
Akira TERASAKI (Kyushu University)
Masahide TERASHIMA (Kyoto University)
Toshio NAITO (Ehime University)
Hiromi NAKAI (Waseda University)
Asuka FUJII (Tohoku University)
Yoshiyasu MATSUMOTO (Kyoto University)
Fumitaka MAFUNE (The University of Tokyo)
Takehiko MORI (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Satoshi YABUSHITA (Keio University)