Welcome to Web Journal “Molecular Science”

  Since the first issue of the Web Journal of the Japan Society for Molecular Science (JSMS), “Molecular Science”, in 2006, the publication of volume 5 has started. It is our mission for the Journal “Molecular Science” to introduce the attractive research field of Molecular Science, which is natural science studying molecules and their roles in the functionality of life, origin of the universe, environment and energy problems, development of new materials, etc.

  In the Journal “Molecular Science”, original papers are not aimed to be published, but articles related to research and education of Molecular Science are reported as follows:

  1. (Article) Articles aimed for the promotion of research and education related to Molecular Science;
  2. (Award accounts) Award accounts for young scientists in Japan Society for Molecular Science;
  3. (Review) Review articles in the research field of Molecular Science;
  4. (Salon) Reports of international conferences, introduction of foreign Univ. and institutes, introduction of studying abroad;
  5. (Archives) Archives for education such as lecture notebooks related to Molecular Science;
  6. (New Product) Introduction of new products related to Molecular Science;

  Articles and reviews 1-4 are registered and open-accessible in J-stage of JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency). All articles 1-6 are accessible free for students, researchers, and teachers in the members of JSMS, and also for general readers. One of the archives has been downloaded about 43,000 times in four years. All eleven committee members would like to edit cutting-edge articles of research and education related to Molecular Science and appreciate the continuous support and encouragement from readers.

Dec. 14, 2010
Chief editor
Hatsumi MORI